There is one thing Rickmansworth is not short of and I’m not talking Estate Agents or Charity shops for the moment. I am actually talking coffee shops.

Global warming is on the up as is the price of the coffee bean. So why are coffee shops in Rickmansworth so popular?

I thought I would offer some advice on where best to go as if you are anything like me maybe you are feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choice.

Harris & Hoole- I couldn’t get enough of this place when it opened. The deals and loyalty schemes seemed too good to be true. That’s because they were. Delicious, aromatic coffees but the price leaves a lot to be desired. Come on H&H, bring back the special offers! A free coffee with any breakfast muffins…don’t mind if I do.

Costa Coffee- never been a huge fan of chain coffee shops but this shop is very family friendly. You won’t arrive in a fluster because you can’t quite ram your buggy through the door like you may do in other establishments. This shop is also great for people watching….lots of awkward meet-ups and juicy conversations (if you listen hard enough)

Cinnamon Square – go in for a coffee and leave half a stone heavier. The cakes are truly something else and the new table service makes it quite a pleasant experience.

Cafe Nero- well they really know how to nurture the beloved coffee bean in this place. Delicious coffee, a spacious seating area, but again you are buying in to the corporate chain.

Evidently each of these establishments come with their own pros and cons. Why not make your own mind up and feedback via twitter?  #coffeshopculturewd3