Rickmansworth Foodbank

The Rickmansworth Foodbank is an emergency food-provision service that provides nutritionally balanced food for the less fortunate.

It is care professionals such as: doctors, social workers and welfare officers who identify the less fortunate people and provide them with a food bank voucher. These people can then redeem their vouchers at a Foodbank centre for three days’ supply of emergency food.

All food that is distributed by the Foodbank is donated by local organisations such as: schools, businesses and churches. Food is also donated by individuals who are doing their weekly shop. Once all food has been collected, volunteers would sort and store the items in a warehouse. The food would then be taken to the Foodbank Centres where it is made into food parcels.

Volunteers also meet with the people that redeem their food vouchers to identify whether there is a long term problem that the less fortunate person is dealing with and how the Foodbank can deal with this issue.


Full address: Rickmansworth Foodbank, Methodist Church, Berry Lane, Rickmansworth, Herts, WD3 7HJ

Phone number: 07716856892