Health and Beauty

There are a variety of health and beauty salons in Rickmansworth that will provide relaxation and in some cases aid in physical recovery. These health and beauty salons include yoga classes, nail treatments/design and acupuncture clinics. There are also tattoo parlours in Rickmansworth if you are considering getting a tattoo. Check the list out below to find out more information:

Achieving Balance

Adele Yoga

Afterglow Tanning

Alison Smith – Personal Trainer

Boots (Pharmacy)


The Chiefcornerstone Pharmacy

Chiropractic and Pain Management Centre

Delite Chemist

Enerqi Acupunture Clinic

Herbal Acumen

Holland and Barrett

Jon Darby Golf

Karen Manners

Kawaii Nails 

Maria Elena Health & Beauty

The Oestopathic House

Renaissance Tattoo Studio

Root Therapy Clinic


V Dave Pharmacy