Gavacan Homes

Established 1983, Gavacan Homes is a construction company that specialises in designing and constructing new homes. Gavacan Homes also offer refurbishment and extension work packages.

Gavacan Homes was started by John W Gavacan, John used his knowledge and contacts to help Gavacan Homes become what it is today. Due to it being a family run business, Gavacan Homes believes in creating a strong relationship with its clients. The company also only work with the highest skilled craftsmen and contractors to undertake projects.

Due to the company’s relationship with various manufacturers and suppliers, Gavacan Homes are able to offer high quality specification construction at a reduced cost to ensure that all quotes are competitive and fair.

Phone Number: 07793489444

Full address: Cardinal Point, Park Road, Rickmansworth, WD3 1RE