Adele Cassidy “what yoga means to me…”

At a fundamental level the word yoga means to yoke, like the white and yellow of an egg. They are distinct parts and yet they come as one. In the same token it means union or coming together.

We encounter many paradoxes in yoga which we’re asked to wrap our heads around. Let me explain it this way: when I do a class or workshop or something with my chums we’ll talk about it afterwards. It’s what we do, we’re yoga dorks, it comes with the territory. And what do we find? That everyone had a different experience. And at the same time, everything was the same.

So how can yoga be something which connects us and had the same time is individual and unique as every person on the planet?

When we take the principals of yoga as our template for self discovery it meets us exactly where we are in this moment. The foundations give us a solid platform from which to understand more. When we understand more, what happens we become even more ourselves and allow for everyone around us to also be their best selves. That’s what keeps us coming back, that’s what unites us in the practice.

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